Get into the Irish Spirit

March is a funny month when you think about it. Take the weather as an example. We have seen everything from tropical summers to the Beast from the East in this third month of the year. Then there is sport. While the Premier League rolls onto its climax, the Six Nations ends and the new F1 season begins (usually in the same weekend)!

There are a few constants in March though to remind you what month it is. One of these is the Irish holiday of St Patricks Day. Celebrated every year on March 17th, The Guinness is flowing and the shamrocks are out for Ireland’s Patron Saint. To get you ready, here are a few Gaelic words and phrases for you to learn…

  • Dia duit (Dee-ah gwit) – Hello
  • Cad is ainm duit? (Cod iss anim gwit?) – What is your name?
  • Seán is ainm dom (Sean iss anim dum) – My name is Sean.
  • Conas atá tú? (Kun-ass a-taw to?) – How are you?
  • Tá me go maith (Taw may guh maw) – I am well
  • Sláinte (Slawn-che) – Cheers

Alternatively, you could celebrate the Irish by visiting The INN this Tuesday with a pint of Guinness, a Baileys or even a Jameson! (Please drink responsibly).

Have a great St Patricks Day whatever you have planned. See you soon for Mother’s Day, Easter or just any day you want a great drink, friendly staff and delicious food.

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