Iced Coffee – How To…

How to Make Iced Coffee

Some days it can be too hot for coffee. Yes really! This is where the dilemma lies. You need the caffeine fix but your usual latte won’t hit the spot. What do you do? The INN may have the answer as we now have iced coffee available.

From the basic iced black to the marvellous mocha over ice, there really is something for everyone on our menu. We can even do decaf as an alternative. Have you ever wondered how to make an iced coffee? Or have you wanted to make one at home? Well, we have an exclusive right here! Read on to discover our basic iced coffee recipe. We promise they will taste as good as they look…

Iced Coffee Recipe

  1. Prepare shot of espresso
  2. Fill Boston shaker with ice
  3. Pour shot into a shaker glass with milk and sugar syrup (if required)
  4. Fix glass and shaker and shake over ice until cold
  5. Pour into a tempered glass and enjoy
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