Mother's Day – March

Better late than never! While Mothering Sunday is always in March, this year we all have a bit longer to plan our gifts out for the unsung heroes. This is because in 2019 Mothering Sunday falls on March 31st. For anyone wondering why the date changes every year, this is because Mother’s Day always falls exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. For anyone wondering why Easter Sunday falls on a different day every year, it is determined by the first full moon following the spring equinox (the beginning of spring). A lunar year is only 354 days a year as opposed to the 365 days used universally, therefore the date changes year on year.

Another question often asked is why is Mother’s Day celebrated on different days around the world? You may have noticed that the USA has a different Mother’s day to Britain. This is because in America the day is set as the second Sunday in May every year. In 2019, we will be celebrating Mothering Sunday on March 31st, whereas across the pond it falls on May 12th. Other countries have also decided to adopt this strategy, including Australia, Canada, Germany and many more.

The earliest recordings of Mother’s Day go all the way back to the 16th century. This was where servants were able to have the Sunday off to go and visit their Mother Church. Children and younger servants would pick flowers on the way and present them to their mothers as a gift. This is how the modern-day version that we all know came to be.

As the years have progressed, some gifts have become more elaborate and some may argue that the commercialisation has gone too far. Here at The INN, we think that a day off from cooking and washing up is well deserved! Book a table at The INN this Mother’s Day and let us take all the hard work out of the big day for you.

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