THE INN’s Festive Sport Preview

The Halloween costumes are (hopefully) put away, the fireworks are going off and festive songs are filling the airwaves. It must be November!
Less than two months to go until the big day and so much to do. Write cards, write your wish list and maybe even organise a Christmas party. (Just so you know we can hold it here at the INN, just call us and ask for more details). Amongst all of this, it can be hard to keep track of when your favourite team is playing live on TV. Thankfully, we have once again provided a preview of all the live football taking place for the rest of the year.

Saturday, November 2nd – Bournemouth vs Man Utd 12:30
Saturday, November 2nd – Watford vs Chelsea 17:30
Sunday, November 3rd – Crystal palace vs Leicester 14:00
Sunday, November 3rd – Everton vs Spurs 16:30

Friday, November 8th – Norwich vs Watford 20:00
Saturday, November 9th – Chelsea vs Crystal Palace 12:30
Saturday, November 9th – Leicester vs Arsenal 17:30
Sunday, November 10th – Wolves vs Aston Villa 14:00
Sunday, November 10th – Liverpool vs Man City 16:30

Saturday, November 23rd – West Ham vs Spurs 12:30
Saturday, November 23rd – Man City vs Chelsea 17:30
Sunday, November 24th – Sheffield United vs Man Utd 16:30
Monday, November 25th – Aston Villa vs Newcastle 20:00

Saturday, November 30th – Newcastle vs Man City 12:30
Saturday, November 30th – Southampton vs Watford 17:30
Sunday, December 1st – Norwich vs Arsenal 14:00
Sunday, December 1st – Leicester vs Everton 16:30
Tuesday, December 3rd – Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth 19:30
Tuesday, December 3rd – Burnley vs Man City 20:15
Wednesday, December 4th – Man Utd vs Spurs 19:30
Wednesday, December 4th – Liverpool vs Everton 20:15
Thursday, December 5th – Sheffield United vs Newcastle 19:30
Thursday, December 5th – Arsenal vs Brighton 20:15

Saturday, December 7th – Everton vs Chelsea 12:30
Saturday, December 7th – Man City vs Man Utd 17:30
Sunday, December 8th – Aston Villa vs Leicester 14:00
Sunday, December 8th – Brighton vs Wolves 16:30
Monday, December 9th – West Ham vs Arsenal 20:00

Saturday, December 14th – Liverpool vs Watford 12:30
Saturday, December 14th – Southampton vs West Ham 17:30
Sunday, December 15th – Man Utd vs Everton 14:00
Sunday, December 15th – Arsenal vs Man City 16:30
Monday, December 16th – Crystal Palace vs Brighton 20:00

Saturday, December 21st – Everton vs Arsenal 12:30
Saturday, December 21st – Man City vs Leicester 16:30
Sunday, December 22nd – Watford vs Man Utd 14:00
Sunday, December 22nd – Spurs vs Chelsea 16:30

Thursday, December 26th* – Spurs vs Brighton 12:30
Thursday, December 26th* – Chelsea vs Southampton 15:00
Thursday, December 26th* – Man Utd vs Newcastle 17:30
Thursday, December 26th* – Leicester vs Liverpool 20:00
Friday, December 27th – Wolves vs Man City 20:00
Saturday, December 28th – Brighton vs Bournemouth 12:30
Saturday, December 28th – Norwich vs Spurs 17:30
Saturday, December 28th – Burnley vs Man Utd 19:45
Sunday, December 29th – Arsenal vs Chelsea 14:00
Sunday, December 29th – Liverpool vs Wolves 16:30

*Fixtures shown live at the INN TBC

While we can’t guarantee that it will be a white Christmas, or you will get the present you want this year. We can promise a great 2 months of sport to round out the decade! Show your support at the INN, and have a great time doing it.

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