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The Winter Sport Preview

January 2019

19th Wolves vs Leicester 12:30 19th Arsenal vs Chelsea 17:30

20th Huddersfield vs Man City 13:30 20th Fulham vs Spurs 16:00

29th Newcastle vs Man City 20:00

30th Liverpool vs Leicester 20:00

February 2019

1st France vs Wales (Six Nations) 20:00

2nd Spurs vs Newcastle 12:30 2nd Cardiff vs Bournemouth 17:30 2nd Scotland vs Italy (Six Nations) 14:15 2nd Ireland vs England (Six Nations) 16:45

3rd Leicester vs Man Utd 14:05 3rd Man City vs Arsenal 16:30

4th West Ham vs Liverpool 20:00

9th Fulham vs Man Utd 12:30 9th Brighton vs Burnley 17:30 9th Scotland vs Ireland (Six Nations) 14:15 9th Italy vs Wales (Six Nations) 16:45

10th Spurs vs Leicester 13:30 10th Man City vs Chelsea 16:00 10th England vs France (Six Nations)15:00

11th Wolves vs Newcastle 20:00

22nd West Ham vs Fulham 19:45

23rd Burnley vs Spurs 12:30 23rd Everton vs Man City 17:30 23rd France vs Scotland (Six Nations) 14:15 23rd Wales vs England (Six Nations) 16:45

24th Chelsea vs Brighton 12:00 24th Man Utd vs Liverpool 14:05 24th Italy vs Ireland (Six Nations) 15:00

26th Man City vs West Ham 20:00

27th Chelsea vs Spurs 20:00

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